We are reaching out to people around the world with our deep feelings for your safety, moved to sadness for your terrible losses, your grief and uncertainty of what is to come.

COVID has placed the whole world in great danger but at the same time we see people caring for one another in a special way. Because of our many years of work with our Dying At Home Program we are so aware that one of the great tragedies of this time is that our loved ones are dying alone.

We promise you that once COVID has passed and our homes become a place where families, their friends and neighbours can enjoy being together again, you can always, with our program to support you, take on the care of your dying loved one in your home and care with love and compassion.

No one need ever die alone again. The Dying At Home Program exists simply to help you do this work of love.


STEP 2 of the 8 STEP Program cannot be used at this time because it calls for a Gathering of friends and neighbours coming to help you. Gathering together as a family, friends and neighbours to care is not possible.

If you are a Family Caregiver currently, or wanting to use the program, please do not hesitate, just use the program for now without doing STEP 2 or that section of the booklets describing the Gathering. There is so much helpful information to support your special care of your loved one. If right now or any tine at all, you need help using the program to care for your dying loved one at home who is very sick contact us on

This caution will cease to exist as soon as the COVID crisis has ended, and homes around the world can once more ring out with the voices of people coming to care for one another.


Just as the sun is rising each day, there is a growing awareness and real appreciation of the goodness within all people. It is coming to us thanks to media and online, how our heath care workers are giving every bit of their best to care for those so ill with COVID. It is the most amazing story of courage bravery and dedication happening the world over. There are heart warming stories of people singing to whole villages and streets, music is ringing out, people are helping neighbours with food and others are caring for children with programs to support them to name just some examples.

We see that the world is coming together, a potential for unity not thought possible before. People are feeling this, expressing this in ways they can from their talents and wanting to share in each other’s experience and hopes. What we believe is happening is a growing capacity of our innate human goodness and strengths.

As we think about our Program, COVID has made people aware of the indispensable need for us to be with our loved ones when they are dying. To restore them to their homes where they belong. We hope that we will all in some way live life more positively, more caringly and more generously from now on.

In a time of significant change, we must individually and collectively not to go back to focusing on our differences, our conflicts, our misunderstandings, our blindness, our lack of sensitivity or our inhumanity.

Our hope for this new world is beautifully put in this quote:

“Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries, without them, humanity cannot survive”.
His Holiness The Dalai Lama

With our best wishes to everyone for your safety, strength and finding hope to sustain you.

Dr Helen-Anne Manion OAM
Gerard Manion OAM
29th April 2020