Mick & Val

Val cared for Mick her 81 year old husband at home for 14 months until he died.

Mick had lung cancer, which had spread to other organs and also to his bones. When they were told there was no treatment available for this cancer and that he would die very soon, Val pledged that she would care for him to the very end at home regardless of how long he had still to live.

That very day, having read about what the Dying at Home program offered the carer, Mick phoned for the help he wanted for his wife.

Val and Mick were people who tended to do things their way, used to standing alone at times. They set up a bed where Mick could see and be involved in his children’s comings and goings, and life continued. Mick was in bed a lot of the time because he was comfortable and it settled his pain by not moving around much. “I don’t want to take those drugs until I might have to”, Mick said.. Val did a fine job of nursing Mick which was very full on in the last few months with help from family and a few friends.

The family took shifts around the clock to give him small sips of water so that he wouldn’t feel dry in the mouth.

Mick was conscious and able to whisper his goodbyes and thanks to his last breath.

Val said after Mick died, ‘It’s so easy at home’.

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