Marie, who lives in Canada with her husband and six children, had heard about Dying at Home. It was helpful to her when her father had Alzheimher’s and died peacefully with her three older children caring for him. Then, when her mother was dying of cancer, she emailed to Australia for more information.

Subsequently after her mother’s death, she wrote, “You opened my heart and my family’s, to the richness of accompanying the dying.

“First, we were better able to be with my father…The older children stayed with him in his final days. You advised among many things that even the younger children could only benefit by accompanying her. And we all did. She was the same wonderful kind caring loving person as she had been in health”.

“Thank you also for the very practical handbooks (Yellow and Blue Books) you sent. I read and re-read them to prepare technically and emotionally. She stayed independent up until her final three weeks. Some felt the mere prospect of coming to live with us made her stronger longer”!!

“Family came from afar and she slipped away peacefully as we looked at some of her own baby pictures”.

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