In the following poem we have a beautiful example of a dying patient as giving, as one who not only trusts their care to family and loved ones but who, at the same time, gives those carers a valuable legacy to sustain them in their mourning.

Though we ourselves are yet too heavy-winged,
with our hearts united we let you go.
We look before and after and are tearful for what is not,
Like a star of heaven in the broad daylight, Unseen,
Yet we know of your delight, and laughter will gain way
though with some pain is fraught
when our sweetest memories are also those of saddest thought.
Thank you… For teaching us how good goodness is;
For showing us how simple kindness is;
For sharing with us your generous spirit;
For being all that love is.
We love you with all the breath, smiles, tears of our lives.
We miss you.

Spread your wings
and fly now… fly home.
Soar high onto the whisper of the winds
and higher still.
Soar high into the sunshine
and higher still
Soar high amongst the stars
and higher still.
Soar high into Heaven… and dance.


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