The Dying At Home Program Booklets

Caregivers, here is the heart of our program, the Dying At Home Booklets, to support you and the dying person at home. You will find these can be a helpful resource for anyone caring for someone nearing the end of life, be it a spouse, family member or friend. Please review the booklets and decide on the best two for your culture. It is vitally important to use your chosen booklets and the 8 step program. Without following each step and the essential Step 2, the Gathering, you will find caring will become exhausting. So go ahead, download your booklets and take these up together with the 8-Step Program. Yellow and Blue Books describe how to care, the benefits of keeping your loved one at home, symptom relief and the essential Blue Book information to explain what changes occur in your loved one as they come closer to death. These booklets affirm you and educate you on how to relieve symptoms. You will then receive immense benefits to family and all who come together in your home in this unique experience of life. If you need more support or have questions, please contact us

The Free Medicines and Green Book are written for Developing Nations and in pictorial form with similar content. The Free Medicines book is full of information on relieving symptoms and problems.

A note about the Yellow Book section in accessing Community Services: we wrote this section of the Yellow Book for Australia and cannot cover different services in your country. It may help you with ideas on what you have available in your country. Apart from the community service section all the Yellow Book information is applicable in any country.

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English "Free Medicines" Program Booklet for Dying at Home

English "Summary Pages for Carers" Program Booklet for Dying at Home

English "Carers Guide in Preparation for the Final Farewell" Program Booklet for Dying at Home

English "For Leaders" Program Booklet for Dying at Home

English "For Leaders - What is Cancer" Program Booklet for Dying at Home

English "Carers Notebook" Program Booklet for Dying at Home